Over the last 20 years I have garnered a wealth of information in the technology sector, ranging from hardware to software and web based technologies. I have applied this knowledge both professionally and as a hobby investigating the latest areas such as IoT, (Internet of Things) bots and much, much more.

My aim is to use this information to provide insightful, informed and a creative service to my clients and apply it to my open source projects.

With this I am well armed to advise professionals and public alike on topics of technology, the internet and social media. In addition to providing a technical service repairing, maintaining and updating mobiles, servers, desktops, laptops, websites and software systems.

I keep up to date with the latest technologies and trends and add to my skill sets the latest tools, recently branching into hybrid mobile applications and IoT implementation, to enable me to provide the UI and data services for IoT devices.

As we move forward in the future we must apply a simple premise to all new devices and technologies, which is to make it as energy efficient as possible, and to keep in mind the resources we are using. I take this forward in all my projects ensuring it can be done as efficiently as possible.